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Our EV Charging station is installation with charger AC 3 phase 380-400 V, 22 kW, 40 A for 2 sets (in total 80 A)

      In case area owner would like to invest in their own charging station. Q charge please to offer our franchise services. We have 2 models of the station Gold rate and Premium rate with warranty 5 years under our service take care all maintenance with preventive maintenance every 4 months.

Our supply and service included following :
1. EV Charger Q Charge
Q Panter : 1 3 phase 2×22 kW
2. EV MDB Panel with power meter
Main breaker 80 A
3. Control panel with sensor system , internet
4. Camera system
5. Power cable Installation 50 M
6. LAN installation
7. Floor painting
8. Lighting & decoration
9. Mobile Application Q Charge
10. Backend support
11. After sales service 5 year.
( Preventive maintenance every 4 months )
12. Station management
Report/Summary of bills. Contact to coordinate problems.

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